Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fuel do you deliver?

We deliver REC-90 ethanol-free marine gasoline, #2 red dyed ULSD diesel (off-road), and on-road diesel.

When you quote a price, how long is it good for?

The price quote is good for one day. Since fuel prices change daily, we recommend a phone call or email to receive that day’s fuel cost.

Do you have minimum purchase amounts?

Yes. Our minimum purchase amount is 100 gallons without a service charge. – Under 100 gallons there is a $25.00 service charge

Can I get fuel delivered at specific times of day?

Yes. We understand that some of our marine vessel customers require fueling when the tide is high or low. Some construction clients must be refueled at specific times. We accommodate these kinds of requests.

How far do your fuel hoses reach?

The fuel hoses that run from our trucks extend to a length of 350 feet.

What other industries to you serve besides marine and construction?

We offer fueling services to hospitals and clinics (backup power generators), grocery, retail & entertainment centers, local government, police & fire, power & utility, state & federal agencies, farm and industrial, hospitality complexes, and cell tower sites.

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To schedule a delivery or for more information, call our friendly
Gulfshore Dockside Representatives, Brent and Debbie at (239) 272-2458.

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